Paul Revere House

One Step Into History

For most people growing up in the Boston area, a school field trip to the Freedom Trail and Paul Revere’s House is a rite of passage. Thousands of others travel to the Commonwealth every year to take a step back into history: to learn about colorful characters like Paul Revere and, of course, his famous “Midnight Ride” which signaled the start of the American Revolution.

The One Step Forward Education Foundation is proud to have a made a multi-year commitment to the Paul Revere House Memorial Association. Through this donation this nationally significant historic site has been able to transform the visitor experience with the addition of a new education center.  This expansion not only ensures that visitors of differing abilities will be able to fully enjoy the Paul Revere House, but also allows them to deliver a more comprehensive picture of the past in a setting that honors Revere’s legacy and the history of the North End. All of the over 250,000 visitors a year will encounter expanded exhibits, new program space, a lovely museum shop and a more inviting courtyard with a more accurate 18th century plantings in garden areas, sections of original cobble paths and interpretive signage.

“The Foundation’s enthusiasm for our work and confidence in our ability to complete a complex but important project provided encouragement at a critical moment. Their deep appreciation of the value of history and commitment to education offers an essential message that we hope others will emulate,” said Nina Zannieri, Executive Director, Paul Revere Memorial Association/Paul Revere House

Museums like the Paul Revere House bring history to life. And if we are able to see where we have been, we will be able to find our way forward with greater purpose. For this, The One Step Forward Education Foundation celebrates the Paul Revere House Memorial Association.

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