Massachusetts Eye and Ear

The One Step Forward Education Foundation is proud to make two, multi-year commitments to Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

The first pledge is toward the Compassionate Care Fund for Patients with Low Vision. According to the National Eye Institute, at least ten percent of the US population has a diagnosis of low vision. This presents many challenges, including the ability to drive, participate in hobbies and maintain daily responsibilities such as attending school or work. Unfortunately, most major medical insurance companies will only pay for vision rehabilitative services when the person is legally blind. Therefore, leaving people with low vision to pay out-of-pocket for diagnostic evaluations and assistive devices. Our gift will help those with low vision, for whom insurance does not cover vision rehab services and devices, to obtain these basic necessities and preserve their quality of life.

The second pledge is a commitment to the Mobility Enhancements and Vision Rehabilitation -Center for Excellence at Mass. Eye and Ear. Dr. Gang Luo, Associate Scientist of Mobility Enhancements and Vision Rehabilitation and Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, is a senior leader that has built a very unique, interdisciplinary team comprised of physicians and researchers in ophthalmology, as well as professionals with computer science and electrical engineering backgrounds. This team is able to provide top-notch apps and devices for the vision impaired community. Our commitment will allow Dr. Luo to continue his research and develop novel assistive technologies.

The One Step Forward Education Foundation is proud to make these commitments, helping people access services and technologies to improve their lives.

Learn more about Mass Eye and Ear Vision Rehabilitation here