pK-12 Action Group


The One Step Forward Education Foundation is proud to make a multi-year pledge to MIT for the pK-12 Action Group through MIT Open Learning. This type of creative vision has a positive impact making a difference to so many students and educators.

MIT recognizes the vast inequities of access to high-quality pre K-12 education in the United States and abroad, particularly for populations in under-resourced areas.  This is at the same time that we see a growing need for well-prepared, highly trained STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) professionals across a number of industries.  To address these global needs, MIT’s vision is to provide pre K-12 students and teachers with access to world-class STEAM curriculum, teacher professional development, learning technologies, and mentorship from leading scientists, engineers, and educators.

Arising out of the recommendations of the 2014 Institute-Wide Task Force Report on the Future of MIT Education, MIT established the pK-12 Action Group, a hub for the over 100 programs and activities at MIT working in pre K-12 education. The goal of the MIT pK-12 Action Group is to bring MIT’s unique mens et manus, minds-on, hands-on, learning approach beyond the campus to pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 learners and teachers around the world. Building upon MIT’s existing pre K-12 outreach efforts and developing new ones, the Action Group fills a growing need for evidence-based, flexible, and engaging STEAM education.  Informed by research out of the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative, the pK-12 Action Group is developing the next generation of STEAM curriculum, teacher education programs and resources, and learning technologies and tools that will transform how students learn.


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