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One Step Transformed

The One Step Forward Education Foundation recently completed a multi-year commitment to Transformative Teachers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  These workshops are designed for educators (K-12) who want to cultivate ethical thinking within themselves and their students.

Created by The Center at MIT, the program provides educators with the tools and methods for fostering resilient and ethical young leaders. The program offers 5 workshop modules that progressively engage teachers in discussion, introspection and experimentation. The modules focus on the development of cognitive skills, emotional awareness, ethical purpose in a proven pedagogical approach that enables educators to have a profound and lasting impact on their students.

Augmented by technology, the program provides innovative game-based learning apps and networking platforms to promote excellence in ethical thinking and character development and connect educators with a global community of transformative teachers. 

  • Cultivating Ethical Thinking and Resilience - Discover the pillars of personal values. Articulate values-based motivation and aspirations. Connect motivation to effective decision and actions. Establish personal values and strengths as the basis for powerful leadership.
  • Cultivating Emotional Awareness and Resilience - Identify assumptions and inferences of self and others.  Transcend personal limitations, beliefs and habits.  Understand behavior as influenced by the environment and personal factors. Develop the capacity to perceive the values and motivations of others.
  • Game-based Learning for Ethical Thinking and Character Development  - Develop confidence in using new technological playing systems.  Provide knowledge of support material. Explore research and frameworks used for the games and apps.  Discuss insight into the design and use of learning games and apps.
  • Intergenerational Learning - Translating oral wisdom.  Future of storytelling.  Tools and Methodologies.  One Heart, Four Hands: A hands-on learning experience.
  • Designing Purpose - Communicate a compelling vision of leadership.  Interest-based negotiation.  Motivate others for a common purpose. Develop the intention to take action.  

The One Step Forward Educational Foundation values the commitment of this program to help teachers provide a lasting influence on our young people and in turn to help transform their education and the world. 

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